Pamela Nelson


Mike and AnnMarie Cross of Crosswinds Equine Rescue
I have communicated with a number of Crosswinds' horses, and both Mike 
and AnnMarie can attest to the accuracies of those sessions.


From Glynis Reeves - 1/25/2011 

Paying it forward in life has become such a long needed necessity in
today's society I thought it was my turn to help out.  

My story starts actually about 15 years ago when my best friend had seen 
a show on animal communicators.  We both being animal lovers were immediately
interested.  Well as life goes, neither one of us persued any investigating. 
Then I read one of Crosswinds' newsletters and the subject was brought up again. 
Pam Nelson had contacted a woman out of our area that was a communicator. 
Once again I was intrigued.  As my horse, Sam, had been dealing with something 
for awhile and I was just unable to pinpoint the problem, I decided it was time 
for said communicator. 

I contacted Pam for information on contacting this woman and to my surprise, 
she (Pam) told me that she herself was learning the technique and she would 
be happy to "speak" with Sam.  Boy, was that one of my better choices made 
as of late!  It took a few "conversations" to get the problem narrowed down.
But it was finally out that he had a bladder infection.  Symptoms of a
bladder infection can often be mistaken for hind gut, limb, or even
spinal issues.  So you can imagine the quick tapdancing to be done when my
favorite U of I VetMed vet asked just how I knew or thought it was bladder. 

Bless her heart she would have thought me off my rocker if I had told her "Um,
my horse told an animal communicator what was wrong."  Luckily my tapdance was 
apparently good enough - she gave me the prescribed drugs to clear the bladder 
infection and he has been in good health ever since.

Now that hasn't fixed all of the issues between Sam and myself.  He still
won't let me rub his face for more than half a second without getting
irritated, but hey, baby steps, right?  I thank Pam all the time for all
she has done for Sam and me, and with future communications, he and I will
someday be completely simpatico! 

Background story and experience
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