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I am also a continuing contributor to Crosswinds Equine Rescue's Newsletter with a column entitled "The Tao of Crosswinds". The following is a reprint of my column from the Spring 2010 newsletter. The precursor to the following can be read here (scroll down to "The Tao of Crosswinds"):
  • Crosswinds Equine Rescue May 2010 Newsletter (pdf file)

    At this point in my life, I'm on an adventure instigated by a conspiracy of horses. As a child, I wanted to REALLY SEE my guardian angels and spirit guides. And now I can. They're out on Pasture 3 right now waiting to come in for dinner. If you read the last installment of "The Tao of Crosswinds", you may recall that my horse, Sonny, through an animal communicator in Delaware, told me to go see a chiropractor because, even though he is not a trained medical professional, he didn't believe I had MS. I followed Sonny's advice and I am now pain free and feel better than I have in over five years. My health and energy have returned. And what timing. I need all the senses of my humanity for the next part of my adventures with horses.

    After the amazing experience with Mary, the animal communicator, I contacted her for a lesson in how I could listen and receive communications from animals. That hour of instruction has changed my whole life and the way I perceive the world. Mary told me that she couldn't really teach me any thing more after our phone session. I would just have to practice. And I have been practicing. Practicing and practicing to understand how the communications manifest in my senses, how the telepathic information reaches my body, mind, and soul and voices itself, how to hear the animals through all of my faculties. And I can hear them. It's one thing to say "your horse is happy" - something subjective and intangible - but when I hear very specific information, it's hard to say it out loud. What if the impression I've received or what I've heard is absolutely wrong? Mary encouraged me to simply say what I hear. It will either prove true or the animals will show me my error.

    Without divulging names or betraying confidences, I want to share part of an experience I had with a horse in Indiana. The horse's "owner" - it's hard for me to use the word "owner" now, so I'll start using the word "human" - the horse's human asked what had happened to this mare that had frightened her so. I went to that place within me where I'm connected with all things and invited the horse in to that space to speak with me if she wanted to. I introduced myself and explained that I had contacted her at the request of her human. I asked, "what frightened you so much before you came to your present human?" I got an image of World War II concentration camps. The horse told me she had a colt and "they" took him away from her and she was devastated. I emailed the owner relating what I had received from her mare. She emailed back and told me that the horse had been seized from an abuse situation. She was skin and bones and nursing a colt at her side. The rescuers, fearing for this mare's very life because she was so thin, force weaned the colt. They believed that continued nursing would kill her. They did, indeed, take him away from her and the mother mare was devastated. I contacted this horse again and told her she was incredibly brave and strong and that I hoped I could be as courageous as she was. She said she had to endure for him.

    I'm still learning, but I know some things for certain from my brief time in this realm of wonder. The animals in our lives are on journeys of their own. They have their own stories. Like Trinity, a four-year-old Clydesdale mare at Crosswinds. AnnMarie asked me to connect with Trinity to see why she was "off". I connected with her and heard what was bothering her physically and then I heard the words "they're doing the paperwork".

    "They're doing the paperwork?" I asked.

    "Lady." said Trinity.

    "Ah, Lady. Yes, Trinity, Lady is being adopted. She's going to Texas."

    "I will follow?"

    (For those of you who don't know, Lady is Trinity's mother. To my knowledge, they've always been together.)

    "No, Trinity. You're staying at Crosswinds."

    I explained that Mike and AnnMarie wouldn't let Lady leave if it wasn't a great home for her. I told Trinity that, because of her talents and temperament, she was chosen to remain with Mike, AnnMarie and Tory. I told her she was being trained as an Ambassador for Crosswinds to follow in Tessa's hoofsteps and become a partner in supporting the horses. The next words were amazing to me.

    "I was sent to Crosswinds." said Trinity.

    The conversation continued giving me an awareness that this horse was on her own journey with a great sense of purpose. She had her own road to travel and destiny had taken her to Mike and AnnMarie. Their lives were now intertwined on a common path.

    We may see a horse or dog or cat as a lesser life form: something we rescue, train, rehabilitate, cherish and love. From my experiences listening to many creatures these past months, I've come to realize the animals in our lives are here as equals to teach us a deeper wisdom, share a different perspective of our common experiences, heal us, and love us unconditionally. They understand that we are all part of One Great Love. We're all intertwined on a common path.

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