How I do animal communication. This is basically the blurb I send to new clients.

Thank you for your interest in animal communication.

First, I don't travel. Distance isn't a problem. I do everything from my comfy chair in my sun room. I've tried to do animal communication "live", but I get too distracted by just about everything and I can't hear. As an example, I had been working with some horses near Chicago (from my comfy chair!), and I decided to take a trip up to the stable to work with them face to face. Their human agreed that I could come up and experiment. I went into the stall with Jax, stood next to her and tried to listen. I closed my eyes, sent thoughts of questions, and got one word in thirty minutes - "splints". I had no other images or impressions except that I thought of her back end. I think Jax thought we were napping because she went to sleep. It must've looked pretty silly when people went by and looked in the stall to see a horse and human with their eyes closed. At least we didn't snore. I told her person that all I got was one word. Her person said that she had been putting leg splints on her rear legs and she didn't like those. But that's it. One word with no explanation. So I decided that, at this point in my life, I'm just not able to do it face to face. I've worked with dogs in New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas, and China. Cats in France and Indiana. Horses in Colorado, Chicago, and of course, locally, but all from the silence of my home office. I wish I could do it face to face, but my gift seems to be receiving telepathic information in silence. So distance isn't a problem. Also, I'm not psychic. For me, it's telepathy.

Here's how I work:

To begin, email the name, breed, description, age and gender of your animal and any questions you'd like to ask or things you'd like to say. I will do my very best to hear what your animal wants to convey. I'll then do the connection and send you an email with what I've heard. Sometimes, what I hear or sense or see is odd and I don't know what to make of certain things, but I say them anyway. It could be significant to you. As an example: I connected with a horse at Crosswinds Equine Rescue and immediately heard, "Germans!". I didn't get any other words or clarification. I emailed that word to AnnMarie at Crosswinds, anyway, as part of everything I heard. It turns out, that very day, AnnMarie had been texting her brother and was practicing saying German words out loud in the barn. She and her brother both know German and try to speak it to one another at times. Don't ask me how the horse knew it was German!

After your email response to the first connection, I'll do the second connection and so forth. I like to do three connections to get the big picture and gain clarity. I like what happens in the back and forth dialogue/conversation between human and animal.

Also, as an FYI: I begin each session by grounding myself and trying to silence all the chatter in my own brain. I try to set aside my ego and my expectations. I pray to be a channel and a servant. When I feel myself in that "place", I then call to the animal. I hear words and sentences, I see images in my mind, and I feel things in my own body. I try not to interpret or put my own spin on things, but I do try to discern an answer with all the input. Again, I'm not psychic. For me, it's telepathy. If I hear your animal say, "I'm purple", I say to you, "I heard your animal say "I'm purple". It may or may not be true, but it's what I heard!

Sometimes it can be really frustrating because, just like a conversation with any individual, you might not get the information you want or need. Some animals even tell me to connect later because they're busy. Some animals aren't interested in talking at all. I worked with a cat in France and he didn't want to talk about how he died. He said that was over and it wasn't important and he was in a good place. His human really wanted to know what had happened. If he had been poisoned, then the neighborhood needed to be on alert and he didn't want his other cat to go outside until they could find a poisoning source. But we just didn't get that information. The cat wanted to talk about the son of the human he left behind and that was on the mark.

Just like humans, there seems to be a whole spectrum of communication abilities with animals. Some animals seem to know so much about their illnesses or situations and can give me words that human vets use or they can describe what's happening or give specific images to me. I recently worked with a horse with a severe, life-threatening sinus infection that wasn’t getting better. She was being treated at Purdue University Vet School with other consulting vets. I connected with her and, among other things, she told me she had a membrane around the infection that needed to be punctured for the infection to clear out. Crosswinds Equine Rescue took her back to Purdue for one final attempt at treatment before putting her down since she was suffering and wasn’t getting better. The vets DID find a sack of pus that needed to be punctured and she is now out romping with the herd again. Other animals tell me they have no idea what's wrong with them. And since I'm not psychic, I can only repeat what I hear and what I sense from the individual animal and try to be a true mouthpiece for him/her. I only know what the animal tells me. Sometimes animals go off on their own tangents, too, and talk about what they want to talk about.

Also, I can't claim any special influence. I can't make an animal do anything. I did work with five cats at a rescue in Indiana last year during which four of the cats - some with really big issues - really turned around after our sessions, but there is a one-year-old female who continues to pee on the computer, dishes, and in the registers. She told me that she was loved anyway and she had no reason for changing her habits and had no intention to do so. She refused to talk with me about it after the initial connection. The last I heard, this very loved kitty still pees on everything. As I said, I don't have the power to make another Being do anything (it would have been a very different life during my children’s teen years if I could!), but I've found that in conversation between species, understanding, instruction, and encouragement can be provided. But, it's up to the animal to act. And sometimes it’s the human who is asked to change. And when they do (either human, animal, or both), it's pretty remarkable and very rewarding.

My fee for the series of three connections is $120. I put in seven to eight hours (usually more) per series. Although I begin the connections before payment, I appreciate receiving a check within 10 days and I attach an invoice with the first connection so I can keep track of things. And just drop a check in the mail to:

Pamela Nelson, 810 Ventura Rd. Champaign, IL 61820-7040

I also do shamanic healing journeys where I walk the Inner Terrains for people and animals. My fee for a Journey is $120. It’s difficult to put a monetary value on what I do, so in essence, I’m charging for my time. It takes at least three to four hours when I Journey. If that interests you, then return to my main page HERE for more info.

So that's how I work. I really believe that all people can hear animals. It's just finding that place of silence and oneness that's tricky. I hope this has helped a bit to explain how I work. If you have more questions, I'll be happy to answer them. And if you want to learn how to do this on your own, contact me and we can see if it's something that you might have a feel for.

Again, all I need to begin is your animal's name, age, breed, and description along with your questions or what you want to convey. I will do my very best for you and your animal.

Pamela Nelson

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